About Us

What is MudPaint all about?

We were looking for an environmentally friendly easy to use durable paint for furniture in our home.  We found the use of other furniture paint time consuming and would scratch or peel in a few weeks.  So we teamed up with a paint manufacturer in California to create MudPaint.

MudPaint has great adhesion, great coverage, and a smooth finish. It contains low VOCs and is suitable for use indoors. MudPaint is water based and is easy to clean up with soap and warm water. It’s ease of use and durability make it perfect for all users. With MudPaint, anyone who wants to paint, can!

We produce each color in 50 to 100 gallon batches and then store them in sealed 5 gallon pails. Each color gets hand poured into the sizes offered.  We then hand label, seal, and package each item for shipment.  A lot of time goes into the manufacturing and shipping and delivery of MudPaint.  We take pride in our paint and offer a 30 day, satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

MudPaint is available online or at a local retailer near you.  We currently have 19 colors, and counting. We also offer a matte clear coat, clear and dark wax, and brushes.