About Us

MudPaint was established in 2014 by furniture painters to meet a need in the market for specialty paints.  MudPaint is a high quality paint that is used for it’s durability, even coverage, and smooth matte finish.

Owner, Emily Kramer, is from a family of artisans.  To spotlight a few, her pap was a clockmaker, her gram was a painter, and her dad was a mason and carpenter, who could build anything.  When Emily was young, her gram taught her to strip furniture and refinish it along with her cousins.  She would spend hours with her pap and dad while they wood worked.

Emily has an appreciation and love for wood working.  She uses MudPaint on all of her work.  Emily refinishes pieces to express her love for those who have gone before her.  She attributes the business to her dad who if still here today would be painting alongside of her.  He instilled in her the importance of work ethic and the tenacity to follow through on what you start.

As a small business owner, Emily is dedicated to her customers and retailers of MudPaint.  She believes in putting quality first and works to continuously improve products and customer service.  When you contact MudPaint, you reach Emily directly.