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How to Apply MudPaint’s Dark Wax on Wood

small wooden stand with dark mudpaint wax applied

We get so many questions on how to finish MudPaint projects.  Along with our very popular Matte Finish Clear Coat, we are proud of all of the finishing waxes that we carry.  We import them from a family-run company in the United Kingdom and the quality is top-notch. In addition to our unique White Liming Wax, we carry three different finishes: Clear, Black, and Dark.  

plant on a wooden stand with dark wax applied

We wanted to show you a project that utilizes our Dark Wax. This is a great medium to use on both painted furniture as well as natural wood when you’re looking to add a darker hue. For this project we used our Dark Wax to enhance and deepen the beautiful wood grain of an antique plant stand.

After cleaning the plant stand to rid it of dust and debris, we applied our Dark Wax with our top-selling Wax Brush. Our Wax Brush is specifically designed with stiffer natural bristles and an easy-to-hold handle to apply the wax.  Using a circular motion, work the wax into the wood grain. If you do not have a wax brush, you can use an old rag or lint-free cloth to apply the wax to the wood.

After the wax has been applied, allow 3 to 5 minutes for the wax to fully absorb into the wood before you wipe off the excess wax. Use an old t-shirt, or a lint-free rag or sock to buff the piece to a beautiful high sheen.

Our Dark Wax is a beautiful way to add depth to wood furniture.  And, don’t forget that you can clean up that wax brush and use it for many applications!  Read here for more info on cleaning it well and making sure you make that brush last.