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Furniture Paint

As experienced furniture painters, we were unsatisfied with the finish and durability of latex, chalk, milk, and acrylic paints.  So after years of making them work, we set out to create a paint that would be better than latex, chalk, milk, or mineral paint.  We worked with a leading paint manufacturer to create a high quality paint with better coverage and finish than any other paint on the market.  MudPaint was tested over a year and released in 2014.

MudPaint’s smooth buttery finish is unlike any other paint on the market.  Compared to chalk paint, MudPaint is creamier, has even coverage, and a smooth finish without having to wax.  Unlike milk paint, MudPaint is premixed and does not naturally chip.  As a result, MudPaint is loved by furniture painters since it has better coverage and durability than any other paint.

MudPaint is a woman owned small business, owned and operated in Hurricane, Utah.  MudPaint is eco-friendly with low VOCs.  It is an easy to use furniture paint that dries fast and adheres to almost any surface.  It has great coverage that makes it so most customers only need to use one coat.  A little goes a long way.  MudPaint has a perfect finish for antiquing and aging.

MudPaint colors can be mixed together to achieve your own custom blends.  Easily create different looks with it ranging from a modern solid opaque look, an antiqued look by distressing, a shabby chic finish, to a piece with dimension and interest by layering it.


MudPaint furniture paint is made in the USA in small batches and is offered in 3 sizes; samples, pints, and quarts.  It is water-based for easy clean-up.  Upon order, every can is hand filled and labeled.  The cans are then packaged up to ensure safe delivery.  Orders then are shipped out out of Hurricane, Utah.