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Chandelier Makeover with MudPaint Clay Paint

mudpaint furniture paint white chandelier
paint a chandelier

Look at this lovely chandelier — painted with Sand!

Do you have a chandelier light fixture that is outdated?  Have you been looking at purchasing a new light?  Depending on your taste, a new chandelier may cost hundreds of dollars.  Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can repaint yours to custom fit your style for less than $25?  Doing a chandelier makeover with MudPaint Vintage Clay Furniture Paint is super easy and inexpensive. MudPaint is eco-friendly, LEED-compliant and it’s unique, clay-based formula with natural earthen materials requires little prep work and no waxing for a smooth coat.  You only need a sample size of MudPaint and a brush to completely makeover a chandelier.  You will also have paint remaining for another project since MudPaint has exceptional coverage.  Painting a chandelier is a quick and easy DIY project.  By painting a lighting fixture, you will completely makeover the room.  Follow these steps to easily transform your chandelier with MudPaint:

  1. If leaving the chandelier in place, turn the circuit breaker switch off before painting.
  2. Lay plastic down underneath the hanging chandelier to protect the floor
  3. Clean the chandelier with a damp rag and allow to dry.
  4. Use one of our MudPaint brushes to apply your favorite color of MudPaint.
  5. Allow to dry.
  6. If desired, distress it with sandpaper.
  7. Turn the circuit breaker switch on and enjoy your newly painted chandelier!

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