End Table Makeover

DIY Repurpose an End Table with MudPaint

End table makeovers are a quick, easy, and inexpensive project that will update any room!  We love to paint end tables because they are a simple project and they turn out amazing.  Kathy Greene at a MudPaint class at The Chic Boutique at K&R Antiques painted this end table in MudPaint’s Pomegranate.  She chose red to add a pop of color to the room using the only clay-based furniture paint available – MudPaint!

To get a similar look, follow the below steps.  Materials you will need include a rag, a sample of MudPaint’s Pomegranate, and a brush.  Painting end tables with MudPaint is easy to do because MudPaint is easy to apply and has amazing coverage.  No other paint on the market compares to the coverage and durability you will achieve with MudPaint.

End Table Makeover Steps:

  1. Clean the surface well.
  2. A light sanding is recommended. If you are painting over peeling paint, scrape and sand to smooth.
  3. If there are holes, fill them with wood filler and then sand smooth.
  4. A primer is not needed on most surfaces. However, if a smooth or slick surface, painting a lighter color, painting over a stain or wood with red undertones, or if painting a wood that is known to bleed, a primer is recommended.  MudPaint is compatible with water based primers, cover stain and KILZ.
  5. Be sure surface is free of dust.
  6. Clean with wet rag and allow to dry completely.
  7. Before using MudPaint, shake can vigorously and stir thoroughly.
  8. Apply Pomegranate with a MudPaint brush, working in the direction of the grain of the wood.
  9. For a more distressed look, paint any which way.
  10. Most surfaces need only a single coat.
  11. If applying a second coat, allow to dry, and then lightly sand between coats.
  12. Allow to dry completely before sanding if distressing.
  13. If desired, finish with a clear coat for high traffic areas.  For low traffic areas, finish with wax.

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