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“Our customers love MudPaint. It’s working great for our clients that want a more sustainable paint!”

– Jill Bridges, Eco-Friendly Crafts, Georgia

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No Retailer Nearby?  SHOP ONLINE   If you are within the continental U.S. and do not have a retailer within 30 miles of you, contact us at [email protected] for a FREE shipping code.

In Alaska or Hawaii?  Contact us at [email protected] for cheaper, customized shipping options.

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“I received my sample of MudPaint and tested it on several items; dresser, picture frame, and metal desk lamp. The results on all of them were fantastic! Easy to work with and even easier clean up. I’ve worked with all the competitors and chalk paints.  Mudpaint beats them all! I’ve come close to stocking one of these in the past but am thankful I didn’t make the move.”




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