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Listed below are frequently asked questions we receive about MudPaint. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact us for more information.

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A quart of MudPaint will generally cover about 150 square feet.  Surface coverage depends on your painting style.

Depending on the size of the pieces and whether or not the surface was primed, a good estimate would be 2-5 furniture pieces or more from one quart of paint.

It depends on the surface of the furniture piece. For most furniture surfaces that have been thoroughly cleaned and lightly sanded, you will not need a coat of primer. However if the surface is slick, shiny or smooth, you may want to prime the surface before you paint it to ensure that the paint adheres well. If you do need to prime, MudPaint is compatible with water based primers, cover stain and KILZ. We do not recommend BIN Shellac Primer with MudPaint.

You can apply MudPaint with a brush, roller or even a paint sprayer (thin with water first). If brushing, we recommend a high-quality, natural-bristle brush to achieve the best finish.


Most users report that only one coat is needed for an even finish. You can always do an extra coat for durability or a coat of clear coat if you would like!

We recommend waiting until the first coat of paint is fully dry before painting a 2nd coat.  After the 2nd coat of paint, we recommend waiting 24 hours before applying furniture wax.

MudPaint is compatible with any water based clear coat or wax.  However, we have tested many different types of finishes, waxes and clear coats and have decided to go with a clear coat that has a vintage, matte finish. Our testing showed that furniture wax doesn’t hold up well on pieces that get a lot of wear like dining tables and other heavily used surfaces.  Wax also doesn’t hold up well to standard cleaning chemicals.  Our clear coat finish not only holds up to wiping, cleaning chemicals and general wear, but it doesn’t show marks and spills as easily.  It also maintains a nice sheen. Our finish coat is durable enough to use on kitchen tables and cabinets as well.

For more on finishing techniques, please visit our article, “How to Finish Wood Furniture

Yellowing can occur from the stain and dyes in the previous finish bleeding through.  Properly preparing the piece, priming, and/or a darker color paint most often will correct bleed through.

There are a number of reasons why paint will crack.  Poor surface preparation, paint drying too fast, applying a second or third coat of paint before the previous coat dries completely, applying paint too thick, and over-spreading paint.

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We are so confident you will love MudPaint, we offer a 30 Day Return Policy.  If for ANY reason you are unsatisfied with MudPaint, please return the unused portion of the paint to us, explain the reason for the request for a refund and we will happily refund 100% of the cost of the paint to you.

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MudPaint has great adhesion, great coverage, and a smooth finish. It contains low VOCs and is suitable for use indoors. MudPaint is water based and is easy to clean up with soap and warm water. It’s ease of use and durability make it perfect for all users. With MudPaint, anyone who wants to paint, can!

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We, at MudPaint, have sought to create an overall better furniture paint than any other furniture paint on the market.  If you should ever have any issues or concerns with any MudPaint product, please do not hesitate to contact us right away.