What colors to paint your furniture in 2019?

As we move into the new year, consider updating your furniture.  Trending paint colors will continue to move towards the warmer colors.  Go for deep earthy paint colors and comforting shades in the home to encourage relaxing.

MudPaint: Neutrals

Neutral colors will remain popular in 2019.  If you are looking for no-fail colors, try China White, Faded Gray, Manor White, Sand, and Smoke.  They are all go-to colors for any piece of furniture in any room.

In kitchens, shades of whites and grays will continue to dominate.  If you are looking for the perfect color for your kitchen cabinets, Smoke is a top seller.

MudPaint: Pebble and Sand

Pebble and Sand are perfect for any piece of furniture. You could use both colors on a piece of furniture to get a dreamy distressed weathered look.  Heavier use of Pebble in the nooks and crannies will add to the distressed weathered technique.

Transforming your furniture pieces with our sand or pebble paint will let you contrast your room with stronger elements like a pop of fuchsia or placing artwork into freshly painted Just Black frames.

MudPaint: Sage and Forest Green

If you are looking to make a statement, use dark colors like Charcoal, Forest Green and Jade.  In small rooms, these colors create a rich and inviting space.  You can paint cabinetry or furniture Catalina or Just Black.

We’re obsessed with these furniture color makeovers especially coffee tables.  Another great thing to pair with a forest green bedroom dresser makeover, for example, would be rich velvety throw pillows.

Don’t be afraid to try something bold and surprising for 2019.

For these ideas in action, visit our Pinterest boards.


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