Why Sand Furniture Before Painting?

Have you seen paints for sale that claim no sanding is necessary?  Yes, they are out there.  MudPaint is considered one of them since it adheres to almost anything and there are plenty of MudPaint customers that don’t sand and their painted pieces look good for years to come.  I however always recommend lightly sanding a piece.

Lightly sanding is a huge benefit and one of the most important prepping steps you can do to a piece.  Yes, sanding is tedious and if we don’t have to why bother.  Imagine what you could do with that time instead.  Dream of relaxing with a cup of coffee while instead you are folding the piles of laundry that have never made it out of the laundry room in months.  They have just been taken from the pile, worn, and then thrown back in the dirty pile.  Do you ever feel like you are fighting a losing battle with laundry?  No matter if all of the laundry in the hampers has been washed there are still the clothes on your body that will be going into the hamper at the end of the day.   You never get ahead.

I digress.  Back to sanding.  Why bother if the paint claims you don’t have to?  Well, really for me it’s all about the arm workout.  Since gym time is obsolete and I love tank tops, I sand for those Michelle Obama arms.  Yes, those sleek, lean, muscular arms.  Sanding will get you there.  Seriously, though I feel it’s an important prepping step since the pieces that we are painting have been through more than we will ever know.  They have been used as scratching posts by the cat, the kids have ran into them, guests have spilled the non-spiked punch on them, the cleaning supplies used on them vary from who even knows what.  There are a magnitude of experiences that these pieces have faced or endured and with sanding, you can help erase some of it.  Sanding will even out the surface so that you are starting with a smooth canvas.  It helps to minimize wood grains.  Sanding will remove scratches and nicks.  It also helps to remove the cleaning supplies used and any dirt that may be lingering.  I truly believe a little sanding goes a long way and the time spent doing it is well worth it.


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