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Get the Galvanized Metal look with MudPaint

galvanized metal lamp post DIY with MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint


Did you know that you can use MudPaint to create the look of galvanized metal? It’s true! With just a little bit of time and effort, you can get a galvanized metal look. 

galvanized metal lamp post DIY with MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint

We transformed a dated lamp with just some paint and wax. We found a shiny brass lamp that was free at a garage sale. Unfortunately, the brass was just a bit too dated. So, we decided to give it a little lift with the magic of paint! 

To do this yourself with an old lamp (or any dated, shiny brass piece), you will need to clean the surface from any grease, grime, dust. Generally a good wipe down is all you will need to do to prep the surface. 

painting a shiny brass lamp with that galvanized metal look with MudPaint

Once it is clean and dry, it is time to paint. MudPaint has great grip, so it will adhere easily to the shiny surface. We used Stone, a beautiful dark gray with taupe undertones, for our paint base. Paint a light first coat on the surface of the lamp. Once the first coat is dry, it is time to apply the second coat. This second coat is applied with a stippling technique. Stippling is done with shorter strokes; the idea is to build up some texture with this second coat. 

using MudPaint to paint galvanized metal

After the second coat is applied and completely dry, it is time to apply the white wax. Using an old rag, take a little white wax and work it into the details of the lamp. This is the aging, or ‘galvanizing’ of the metal. Add as much or as little of the wax as you’d like. Once all of the wax is applied and dried for 3-5 minutes, take a clean cloth and buff it off. 

After the wax is all buffed, the lamp is done. It went from dated and shiny brass to cool and fresh galvanized metal! 

completed metal lamp stand with MudPaint Clay furniture paint


Watch the video to see the process! 

Supplies needed: 


White Liming Wax 

1” Natural Bristle Brush 

Old rag

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