How to Add Fabric to Furniture

Adding fabric to furniture is easy!  You can turn any piece into a masterpiece.

Step 1:  If furniture is already painted, decide where to apply fabric.  Whether it be the top, a drawer, a side you need to determine what you want to add fabric to.  You can apply fabric directly on top of painted areas.

Step 2:  Cut fabric large enough to hang off of what you want to cover.  Trying to measure and cut it to exact measurements is difficult.  It is easier to lay a large piece down and trim it after it adheres.

Step 3:  With a foam brush, apply a thin layer of mod podge to the entire base area you want to add fabric to.

Step 4:  Place the fabric straight down on the mod podge and smooth it down.

Step 5:  Allow to dry.

Step 6:  After about 15 minutes, test to see if it adhered by pulling gently on an end.

Step 7:  If it adhered, hold fabric down with your hand and using scissors trim the edges of the fabric.

Step 8:  Apply a small amount of mod podge to the edges to ensure they don’t fray.

If furniture is not already painted, see How to Paint Wood Furniture.


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