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DIY a Painted TV Frame with MudPaint

mudpaint furniture paint white tv frame

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Have you ever looked at your television and felt something was missing?  Have you wanted to add something to the wall your television is hung on, but you are lacking wall space or you feel adding something will look awkward?  If so, you are not alone.  We all sit and watch television and wonder what we can do to add that missing something to the wall.  We try adding a mantel and then seasonally decorate it.  For those of us with a television mounted on a fireplace, we paint the brick.  We consider buying a new television that is sleeker.  But  no matter what we come up with, there is still something missing.

DIY a Painted TV Frame with MudPaint clay furniture paint

Well, here’s an idea.  Have you ever thought of framing your television?  A few MudPaint customers have done this over the years and it has turned out amazing!  Adding a painted frame to your television is easy and gives the wall that missing something.  All you need is sandpaper, wood glue, L-shaped corner braces, MudPaint, a brush, DIY crown moulding, and a saw. 

Follow these steps to add a painted frame to your television:

  1. Measure around your television to determine how long of pieces of crown moulding you need.  Then decide on how wide you want your frame to be.
  2. Next, head to your local hardware store to purchase 4 pieces of crown moulding in the size needed and a miter box saw.  Some local hardware stores may cut the crown moulding for you saving you from buying a saw.  If so, take your measurements.
  3. Once home, measure your pieces of crown moulding to cut the ends at 45 degree angles.
  4. Cut both ends of a piece making sure that your angles are going in opposite directions.
  5. Lay all your pieces together, making sure that they fit.
  6. Sand down the edges so that they are smooth and laying flush when pieced together.
  7. Use wood glue to glue the ends together.
  8. To insure a seamless frame, clamp the frame together to dry.
  9. Once the glue is dry, use L-shaped corner braces to reinforce your frame.  Make sure that the screws for the corner braces are not longer than the depth of your frame.
  10. Next lightly sand to remove any dried glue.
  11. Using a brush, apply a coat of MudPaint.
  12. Allow to dry.
  13. If an additional coat is needed, lightly sand and then apply the second coat.
  14. Allow to dry.
  15. Position frame around television and then hang with a picture-hanging hook

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