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How to Paint a Fireplace with MudPaint Clay Paint

mudpaint furniture paint white fireplace

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Materials Needed: Fireplace, clean rag, MudPaint in your favorite colorpaint brush

Do you have a fireplace – or just a fireplace mantel – that is an eye sore or just needs an update?  Are you thinking of knocking your existing one out because you can’t stand to look at it anymore?  Are you looking to create a cozy space, a more inviting setting, and a place you just want to be in?  If so, instead of demolition weekend, update your fireplace with MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint!  Just like painting other rough and/or porous surfaces like terracotta pots, tile and even Succulent jars, MudPaint famous adhesion is covering this tile so well! A newly painted fireplace will completely transform it.

how to paint a fireplace with mudPaint clay furniture paint

If you have your own fireplace in need of some love, then this is the project for you.  This tutorial is easy and it uses less than half a pint of MudPaint.  How awesome is that?  This quick update is a budget friendly makeover that will make any outdated fireplace look like a new one.  We have many customers who have painted fireplaces and, as long as the temperature stays below 120 F, have had nothing but success with MudPaint on fireplaces. (We haven’t had a customer paint a fireplace yet where the surface of the brick/stone that is being painted gets much warmer than 120 F and so can’t comment on it above that temperature!)

Follow these steps to paint a fireplace with MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint.

  1. Prep your fireplace by wiping it down with a damp rag to clean it.  Remove any dirt, dust, or smoke residue to ensure a smooth finish.  If needed, you can use a mixture of equal parts mix of vinegar and water or a TSP substitute.
  2. If your fireplace has existing paint, lightly sand with our Rad Pad Sanding Pads it to rough up the surface.  MudPaint is eco-friendly, LEED-compliant and it’s unique, clay-based formula with natural earthen materials requires little prep work and no waxing for a smooth coat and it will adhere to anything, but a light sanding is recommended to ensure a smooth surface before painting.
  3. Apply one coat of MudPaint in your favorite color with a paint brush.
  4. Allow to dry.
  5. In most cases, only one coat will be needed since MudPaint has exceptional coverage.  If a second coat is desired or you want a layered look, repeat step 3 and 4 until you get the desired look.
  6. Finally, we do recommend a top coat – not our finishing wax as it may melt with the warm temperatures over 120F! – to seal in your hard work. Our matte finish clear coat will protect it from nicks and scratches in the future!