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How to Paint a Clock with MudPaint

Update an outdated clock with MudPaint Clay furniture paint

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Materials Needed: Clock, clean rag, painter’s tape, newspaper, MudPaint in your favorite color, paint brush

In prior posts, we have discussed how to paint a large, free-standing floor clock, but here’s an easy way to upgrade just about any wall clock: paint it with MudPaint! Here’s how this old wall clock went from outdated to chic with just one coat of paint. You can easily and inexpensively repaint a clock with MudPaint.The great thing about painting clocks – just like books, lampshades and even small lamps! – is that it’s easy and inexpensive to do with MudPaint .

Update an outdated clock with MudPaint Clay furniture paint

Begin by deciding the look you want. What MudPaint color do you love? If you need help choosing a color, contact us on Live Chat or by email at and we will be more than happy to help you decide.

Do you want to distress? If so, do you want the original finish to show or no? If no, decide to paint two coats. Paint the first coat a darker shade like MudPaint’s Charcoal. After it dries, apply vaseline to the areas you don’t want the second coat to adhere too and paint the second coat a lighter shade. When slightly dry, use a damp rag over the areas that you applied vaseline too. You can also skip the vaseline and lightly sand once the second coat is dry to reveal the darker first coat in areas.

Okay, so you got your MudPaint color and you have decided on a distressed look or a solid color. Here’s how you easily repaint a clock!

First – Prep your clock by cleaning it with a damp rag. Allow to dry.

Second – If there is existing paint and it’s chipping, lightly sand – check out our new Rad Pad! -to smooth the surface.

Third – Dust with a clean rag.

Fourth – Before painting, measure and cut a piece of newspaper or any other paper to fit over the face of the clock.

Holding the paper in place, use painter’s tape to attach the paper to the face of the clock. Be sure that know tape is touching the frame. If you need to trim off excess, use a utility knife.

Fifth – If you desire a distressed look, apply a thin layer of vaseline to the areas you don’t want paint to adhere too. Or you can skip the vaseline and sand the edges once dry.

Sixth – Apply MudPaint with your brush. If distressing with vaseline, allow to dry slightly (MudPaint dries quickly. So check in about 10 – 15 minutes.)

Seventh – Use a damp rag to wipe over the areas where you applied vaseline too.

Eighth – For a rustic chippy look, use a blow dryer over the areas you want to chip. It will only take a few minutes to see the paint bubbling.

Ninth – Allow to dry. If want a distressed look and did not use vaseline, sand the edges.

That’s it! Easy to wrap it all up! We’d love to see your finished project — send it along to us at MudPaint!

how to update a clock with mudpaint clay furniture paint