Paint Furniture with MudPaint

Paint your next furniture piece with MudPaint.  Why?  Here’s what our customers have to say.

I’ve now painted several pieces from small to large in various shades of MudPaint. I LOVE IT! Superb color selection, coverage, and flat finish. So easy to prep for and top coat. This is a furniture painter’s dream paint line!

I looovvve MudPaint! The colors are beautiful and the paint covers perfectly without streaking. In most cases I barely have to sand the furniture I’m working on when using this paint. Excellent product.

Like many others, I’ve tried pretty much every brand out there used for furniture painting and MudPaint is by far the best all around. Excellent coverage and durability, love the 16oz size, and a great color palette.

After trying numerous brands of chalk paint we heard about MudPaint, and found the winning product. Smooth texture, ease of application, coverage ability, consistent quality / color tones…simply the best.


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