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How to use MudPaint in Layers

mudpaint furniture paint layered dresser

Have you ever wanted to know how to paint in layers? Are you seeing it everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram…and all places in between? How to paint in layers is actually quite easy and straightforward and we wrote up this blog post to walk you through it!

The above stunning piece was put together by the great folks @red_gypsywagon and features MudPaint’s own Suede Blue. It’s easy and MudPaint is a perfect complement to your project. Off we go!

Materials Needed: Several MudPaint colors, a clean rag, and sandpaper. Start with a piece you love and just needs a quick update — you’ll love the end product!

First – Clean the surface well.

Second – Lightly sand to smooth surface. If there are holes, fill them with wood filler and then sand smooth.

Third – As we continue to show you how to paint in layers, next is to clean the surface with a wet rag to remove dust and allow to dry completely.

Fourth – Select a dark color and apply it as the first layer, making sure to paint the entire surface since it is your base layer.

Fifth – Next up as we show you how to paint in layers, select a lighter color and apply it in an uneven manner not saturating the entire piece.

Sixth – Continuing on, next is to select different colors as desired and paint layers until you love the result. When painting vintage furniture, the best thing about this layered painting technique is that there is no right or wrong way.

Seventh – Finally, it’s important to allow the piece to dry. If desired, distress with sandpaper. OR finish things off with a pint or quart of our Matte Finish Clear Coat.

How to paint in layers is easy, straightforward and made super simple thanks to MudPaint’s terrific adhesion and thick durable matte finish. We hope this has been helpful – now it’s your turn to paint in layers with MudPaint! Share your pictures and posts with us – we love to see your own take on how to paint in layers! You got this!