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Paint a Lamp Shade with MudPaint

mudpaint furniture paint painted lamp

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Along with furniture, picture frames, banisters and countless other home decor items, we, at MudPaint are frequently asked, “Can we use MudPaint to paint my lampshade? and “Even if I do, will the heat from the light bulb damage all my hard work?”  With MudPaint, the answer is “Yes, of course you can paint your lampshade!” and, “No, the heat won’t damage all your hard work!!” 

MudPaint’s durability and adhesion ensures that it both (1) sticks quicker and faster to the shade initially and then (2) remains solid and adheres to the fabric, even when heat comes from the lightbulb over time.  The great thing about painting lampshades – just like books, scales, lamps and even small clocks! – is that it’s easy and inexpensive to do with MudPaint . MudPaint is an ideal paint to use for painting a lampshade – it is thicker, creamier and more buttery than any other paint out in the market available today. No more paint running down the shade and messy clean up!

mudpaint furniture paint painted lamp

(And, of course, on the issue of heat, through MudPaint works just fine with traditional, incandescent light bulbs, with so many homeowners recently adding in LED and other, energy-saving, longer-lasting and NON-incandescent light bulbs to the lampshades around the house, heat is no longer a threat or a concern!)

Through our own experience painting lampshades as well as speaking with MudPaint customers over the last five years, there are two main areas of concern with painting lampshades – just as in any sort of painted fabric:

  • First, in application, ensuring so as not to puncture or rip the softer lampshades that may be several years – decades even! – old.
  • Second, removing ALL the years of accumulated dust and debris on the lampshade!   

Of course, with the proper preparation and care in application, these concerns are both very easily overcome, and once addressed, MudPaint customers are overwhelmingly pleased with their results.  First, our selection of all natural bristle brushes is an ideal match to carefully, gently apply MudPaint to those old brittle shades. And, secondly, though it may take several rounds with a soft damp cloth, all those years of dust CAN come off! 


Painting lampshades is a quick, easy, fun and a very inexpensive way to update your decor.  In addition, the MudPaint handy sample size is – nearly always – more than enough for two coats on your favorite lampshade.  Lastly, of course, by having the light shine through it – painted lampshades can allow fun and whimsical looks. Having the color play through the lamp is ideal for a child’s bedroom or a playroom or an outdoor space that all will enjoy.

Further, you can always always mix and match different colors of MudPaint – and even design and paint fun geometric patterns and designs!  Combining, say, MudPaint’s Butternut and Grassy Green into a fun blue-ish hue a fun, easy way to bring a pop of color to every room.

Again, with the right care to both (1) not puncture the shade and (2) careful attention to remove years and years worth of dust, it can easily be done!  

Let’s get started!  We’ll show you how to paint a lampshade in a few simple-to-follow steps.  

Supplies Needed:  1 4 ounce Sample of MudPaint, a Damp Rag, and Brush.

Step 1:  Clean shade with damp rag.

Step 2:  Allow to dry and then do a final cleaning application to get all that dirt and grime!

Step 3:  Apply one coat with a brush and allow it to dry.

Step 4:  Put a light bulb in to see if another coat is needed.  If needed, apply a 2nd coat, and allow it to dry.

Step back and enjoy!  Friends and family will love the quick and easy update you’ve just made to their living space with MudPaint — and your hard work you put in to paint your lamp shade!

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