Paint Upholstery With MudPaint

Supplies Needed:  1 Pint or Quart of MudPaint (depending on the size of the piece), 1 Spray Bottle, Water, MudPaint’s Clear Wax, a Mixing Container, Bristle Brush, and Sand Paper (200 grit)

Step 1:  Vacuum chair.

Step 2:  Wet upholstery beforehand by misting with a spray bottle of water.

Step 3:  Mix a little bit of water with MudPaint to thin it.

Step 3:  Apply one coat with a bristle brush and allow to dry.

Step 4:  If one coat is the look you want, after it is dry, sand, wipe the dust off, and then wax with MudPaint’s clear wax.

Step 4:  If a second coat of paint is needed, sand between coats.  Make sure to wipe the dust off before applying the second coat.  Allow to dry before sanding and waxing.


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Comments (6)

Jennifer Barker

How long doe sit take for the paint/wax to cure before you are able to sit on it?

A good rule of thumb is 24 hours, but it depends on conditions.

Painting upholstery is new to me! Does it make the fabric stiff and uncomfortable? Thanks

Hi Pamela,

Yes, it will harden it. To soften, buff it with a light coat of wax.

What are main ingredients of mudpaint? Sounds, of course, like mud, but how can that be? What makes it preferred over chalk paint?

Hi Rita,

Clay is the primary ingredient. MudPaint has a smooth creamy finish and goes on even.

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