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Paint Upholstery With MudPaint Clay Paint

fabric painting with mudpaint

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Ah — how to paint upholstery. Have you always wanted to try tackling that upholstery painting project?  Nervous about even how to begin on how to paint upholstery? We get asked that so often here at MudPaint that we wanted to put together a list.  The great thing about painting fabric – just like painting books, lamps, scales, lampshades and even small clocks! – is that it’s easy and inexpensive to do with MudPaint . Whether you are wanting to paint upholstery to a chair you are working on, looking to refresh an old canvas footstool or just looking to add some accent brush strokes in your favorite MudPaint color, we are here to help.


paint upholstery with MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint

It’s probably one of the most popular questions we get, AND one of our largest referrals from Pinterest, so we wanted to lay out again the supplies needed, the steps taken and everything you need to paint upholstery.

It’s easy.  Truly!  You can do this!

Supplies Needed:  1 Pint or Quart of MudPaint (depending on the size of the piece), 1 Spray Bottle of Water, a Mixing Container, Bristle Brush, and one of our Rad Pad Sanding Pads.

First –   Clean/vacuum item that you’ll be painting.

Second –   Dampen upholstery by misting with a spray bottle of water.

Third –   Mix a little bit of water with MudPaint to thin it. Normally, we recommend no more than 1/8th water for each quart, or 1/16th for each pint of MudPaint.  Go easy here —  not too much!

Fourth –   Apply one coat with a bristle brush and allow to dry.

Fifth –   If one coat is the look you want, after it is dry, sand, and wipe away the dust.

Fifth –   If a second coat of paint is needed, sand between coats.  Make sure to wipe the dust off before applying the second coat. 

MudPaint is quite thick and it has terrific adhesion, so you will find that the fabric is a bit tougher and more substantial after applying MudPaint.  You’ll notice that it will take on a canvas, or outdoor fabric feel.


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6 thoughts on “Paint Upholstery With MudPaint Clay Paint

  1. Jennifer Barker says:

    How long doe sit take for the paint/wax to cure before you are able to sit on it?

    1. MudPaint says:

      A good rule of thumb is 24 hours, but it depends on conditions.

  2. Pamela Benink says:

    Painting upholstery is new to me! Does it make the fabric stiff and uncomfortable? Thanks

    1. MudPaint says:

      Hi Pamela,

      Yes, it will harden it. To soften, buff it with a light coat of wax.

  3. Rita says:

    What are main ingredients of mudpaint? Sounds, of course, like mud, but how can that be? What makes it preferred over chalk paint?

    1. MudPaint says:

      Hi Rita,

      Clay is the primary ingredient. MudPaint has a smooth creamy finish and goes on even.For more, read on here!

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