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Videos of MudPaint – Tutorials and Profiles

mudpaint furniture paint
Another great video of MudPaint from Rust and Roses in Abilene, TX!

When it comes to  videos of MudPaint, we thought it best to post another one up that we have had in the archives for a while.  For our readers who have ever wondered “How to paint that piece of furniture?”, or, even more frequently, we get asked, “How do I paint furniture without sanding?”  If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what videos of MudPaint can do! Check out these great videos of MudPaint from one of our MudPaint retailers in Texas.  She helps you apply MudPaint furniture paint – the only clay-based furniture paint on the market!

Rust and Roses – located within MW Merchant – did an amazing job with our Stone color.  What is so impressive is the quick, easy, thick application of MudPaint and how smoothly it covered over pieces of furniture.  Look at the amazing coverage, how long the few brush strokes go in covering up the high-gloss, shiny surface of the furniture piece.  AND how much paint is left in the can after applying it!

MudPaint has terrific coverage – a little goes along way! – and adheres to just about anything.  Even a piece of shiny, high-gloss furniture.  

Be sure to watch these videos of MudPaint in action below. And then don’t forget to swing by MW Merchant next time you are in Abilene, TX for your very own MudPaint.  Thank you to ALL our retailers. And we are so grateful for our growing MudPaint family!

We are always seeking out NEW retailers – and we welcome your interest in joining our worldwide community if you’d like to carry our line.  We have no annual contracts, do not require order minimums, have no annual fees.  And we do not even require exclusivity!  That is how confident we are in MudPaint.

We hope you enjoy these videos of MudPaint in action!

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