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How to use MudPaint without Brush Marks

How to paint without brush marks?  Of course, most people set out to avoid brush marks when painting.  However, they happen.  Sometimes it is a combination of the application, the thickness (or thin-ness!) of the paint, and many times it is the end user application.

We have compiled this short blog post as so many of our customers both (1) ask us this question often and (2) we believe our combination of wonderful MudPaint AND fantastic, all-natural bristle brushes can go along way in eliminating brush strokes from ALL your painting projects.

At MudPaint, we are just as picky on all our brushes as we are with our MudPaint, and so we work hard to find the best brushes we can — sourcing from a family-run, fifth generation small firm in Wales, UK for all our brush offerings for our retailers and direct customers. It’s vital to take care of these natural bristle brushes…and they will take care of you! Follow these painting tips to eliminate brush marks.

  1. Prep the surface by sanding.
  2. Use a longer bristle brush.
  3. If paint is too thick – particularly if in a very cold climate or environment –  mix paint in another container with a little water to thin it out.
  4. Dip the brush into the paint to cover only 1/3 of the bristles.  Ensure there is enough paint always on the brush.
  5. Don’t press too hard on the brush.
  6. Apply a thin coat.  A little bit of MudPaint goes a long way!
  7. Paint in shorter strokes.  Don’t go back over paint.
  8. Paint in the direction of the grain.
  9. If there are still brush marks, do a quick and light scuff sand between coats.
  10. When dry, finish a piece by sanding to smooth out marks.

small desk painted in light greige driftwood clay furniture paint from MudPaint

2 thoughts on “How to use MudPaint without Brush Marks

  1. Lynn says:

    Is the picture featured with this post charcoal or just black?

    1. MudPaint says:

      Hi Lynn,

      It’s Just black.

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