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Pouring MudPaint on Furniture, Fall 2020 Update

Pour paint with MudPaint! This piece was done with Pomegranate, Butternut and Simply White!

Pouring paint is a popular technique used in the arts, DIY crafts, and when painting furniture.  Is pouring paint really painting though?  Yes, and the results are amazing.  The swirls and different colors look stunning.  So how, just by pouring paint, do you achieve this look.  Well with MudPaint it’s easy.  All you need is 4 parts MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint and 1-2 parts Floetrol.  We try to keep this ratio between 25%-50%. Floetrol will slow the dry time down and improve the flow and leveling of the paint. 

Don’t be intimidated – pouring paint is easy!  Floetrol is very easy to work with and it mixes wonderfully with any of the MudPaint colors you’d like to use.  MudPaint’s adhesion, durable thickness and tough, sturdy matte finish can work together just wonderfully.  MudPaint is eco-friendly, LEED-compliant and it’s unique, clay-based formula with natural earthen materials requires little prep work and no waxing for a smooth coat.

First – Prep your piece and place it on a large plastic covering to catch the drips.  Yes, drips will happen!  Don’t worry — it’s part of the fun!

Second – next, ensure the surface is level.  You want a level surface to pour the paint even and make sure it doesn’t run too much. 

Thirdly – After ensuring it is level, using plastic cups pour different colors of MudPaint in and then pour Floetrol.

Fourth – next, use a wood craft stick to slowly stir the Floetrol into MudPaint so that you don’t introduce bubbles.

Fifth – following that, once mixed, add two drops of treadmill silicone and stir in with 2 slow stirs.

Sixth – next, layer the different MudPaint colors in to 4 or more plastic cups depending on how many colors you are using.

Seventh – moving along, okay, now for the fun part! You need to flip the cups over…slowly and carefully…..

Eighth – slowly tilt your piece to waterfall the paint over all of the edges.

Ninth – finally, after the piece dries, use a razor blade to cut off the drips that form on the bottom edges.

That’s it!  Don’t be afraid to try lots of different kinds of pours and lots of different color combinations.  MudPaint adheres perfectly, is fun to work with and can bring new life to any piece of furniture — painted…or poured!




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MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint is eco-friendly, LEED-compliant and it's unique, clay-based formula with natural earthen materials requires little prep work and no waxing for a smooth coat.