Materials Needed: MudPaint in your favorite colors, paint brushes

How to Paint Boho Style

The bohemian, or Boho, furniture style is a popular, colorful alternative to the more serious approach to home decorating, and life in general! The boho style is an easy way to bring life into your home. It focuses on color, pattern, and imperfections, so you don’t have to worry about making it perfect to look fantastic.  In fact, with boho style painting, the more chips or dents something has, the better! There’s no wrong way to go about this look, and with all the different colors and styles available to you within this sphere, you’re sure to find something that you love. Painting Boho style is a super easy look, and even if you mess up, MudPaint is known around the world for it’s thick, creamy, forgiving and buttery application, so any mishap will easily get covered. The boho look can easily be given to any piece of furniture, and it will add a whole new personality to your room.

As the boho style looks best when there are multiple pieces all together,  we recommend painting several different objects in coordinating colors per room to get the full effect of the collected and colorful vibe that makes the boho furniture style so well-loved. The best part of painting boho style is that it gives your furniture personality, by making it look like something that you found in a thrift store – with all it’s tradition, dents, dings, history and character. Rather than a quickly assembled, plain vanilla, big-box store, pressboard-piece of furniture!  

Boho style is furniture with soul!

The bohemian look is very easy to achieve, and there are only a few basic guidelines to give to get your pieces a beautiful new life.

Step One. The first, and perhaps most important step in this process, is picking out the right colors for your pieces. For the boho look, color is key, so selecting a few, coordinating colors for your different pieces is best, paying attention to the rest of the room’s style and wall color. Thankfully, MudPaint has many different colors of our signature thick, creamy, buttery paint, so you will be sure to find the right colors for you.

Step Two. Obviously, the next step in achieving your boho dreams is to paint your furniture in your new colors. We have many different tutorials on our website on how to use our paint (don’t worry, it’s a very easy process!), but for the boho look, you might want to consider painting different parts of your piece different colors – if it’s a dresser, why not paint different drawers different colors? If it’s a chair, painting the legs in different colors will give it extra charm. The beauty of the boho look is that you can do practically anything, and it will look amazing! For a tutorial on how to paint with MudPaint, press here.

Step Three. Once your painted piece is fully dried, an extra way to add the boho feel is to add fabric to certain places of your piece. One of the most popular ways to do this is adding brightly patterned fabric to dresser drawers, cabinet panels, or shelves! If this is something that interests you as a way to add that extra bling to your piece, click here for a tutorial on how to add fabric to furniture pieces.

Step Four. Once your furniture is fully dry, and fabric is adorning the cabinets of your soon-to-be-favorite dresser, the last thing to do is to lightly sand the edges and sides of your piece. Part of the charm of this look is the chipped and antiqued feel that boho furniture often has. It makes your furniture look like it has a story, and the chips add personality to the feel of your room. This can easily be achieved by using sandpaper on the edges, or using a sharp edged tool to scratch off certain places.

Once this is done, you will have beautiful new pieces to add to your new boho room, and a look that you will love for years to come! Your boho room is now complete, full of lovely new colors and patterns that will completely enliven your room!


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