Paint a Desk with MudPaint

Paint a desk with MudPaint!

We spend so much time working that it is especially important to style the work space to allow for a free flow of creativity.  Sometimes we get so caught up with remodeling family rooms and bedrooms that we forget about the office whether it be at home or at work!  An office update does not have to take long.  You can simply paint a desk and transform the whole room using the only clay-based furniture paint available – MudPaint!  It’s amazing what a painted desk will do for your energy and there are so many MudPaint colors that one of them is sure to please anybody.   Painted desks are gorgeous!  Sitting at a painted desk is great to look at and definitely helps to elevate productivity.  Turn an outdated desk into a masterpiece with MudPaint.  Follow these steps to makeover a desk:

1. Prepping – Make sure you have done a light sanding on the existing surface of the desk, just enough to scuff up the surface (180-220 grit sandpaper). If there is an existing coat of paint on the desk, make sure MudPaint will adhere to it by doing a small test area. If the surface is too slick or is an oil based surface that paint will not adhere well to, you can either sand down the existing surface, strip it or spray a coat of primer. We recommend ‘Cover Stain’ primer.  Once you have a sanded and or primed the surface, make sure to clean it thoroughly with a wet rag or windex.  Make sure to remove any dust in cracks or on any part of the desk.  Dust will cause the paint to not adhere well to the surface.

2. Paint – Paint your first coat in your favorite color of MudPaint with a brush and work quickly because the paint dries fast. On desk legs, have your brush strokes go up and down with the legs.  Work quickly and move to the next area to avoid brush strokes. Once the paint from the first coat is applied give it time to dry before applying a second coat if needed.  Anywhere from 3 to 5 hours or more depending on the humidity in your area.  Just make sure the paint is completely dry before applying a second coat if needed or it will pull on the first coat. You may want to do a light sanding on the first coat (220-320 grit) before applying the second coat if you would like the surface to be extra smooth.  Just be sure to fully clean the surface of dust before applying the second coat.

3. Sand – Do a thorough sanding after the paint is completely dry.  We recommend 320 grit sandpaper in this phase, or 220 grit followed by 320 grit.  This will really smooth out any imperfections created during the painting process. This is also a good time to distress the edges of the piece if you are going for a distressed look. Once the surface is completely sanded, clean the surface lightly with a wrung out wet rag.  You don’t  want the rag to be wet enough to start streaking the paint.  Wipe across the surface lightly to remove any dust.

4. Extra Durability – Since desks take so much wear and tear, we highly recommend 2-3 coats of our clear finish coat.  Just remember with the clear coat to let the paint cure for 24 hours before applying.  Also, we recommend waiting several hours between coats of clear coat. The clear coat is best applied with a brush, with smooth strokes all going the same directions.  Apply thin coats and avoid too many back and forth strokes over the same area or streaking can occur.  Allow the clear coat to settle to avoid brush marks.


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