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Making a Chair Planter with MudPaint Clay Paint

mudpaint furniture paint blue chair planter

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Doesn’t this piece look great! As we head into spring, we wanted to put this short post together on how to paint – and create! – a chair planter. It’s not hard and, just by following a few steps below, you should be able to find out how to paint a chair plater. We certainly are seeing more and more of them out there!

I love chairs and I find myself picking one or two up every time I go to a sale or a thrift store. Crazy as there are only so many chairs one will ever use and only so many places to store them, but they all have such great character. And, like making two chairs into a bench, a more simplesimple bench or just a simple chair, it’s incredibly practical for everyday use!

Follow these steps to repurpose a chair into a planter:

Materials Needed: Chair, MudPaint, Brush, Chicken Wire with some moss, or a Flower Pot,

First, remove the seat of your old chair. This is usually easily done with a screwdriver and a hammer. Simply pry it off from the bottom.

Second, clean the chair with a wet rag and allow to dry.

Third, paint the chair frame with your favorite MudPaint color with a brush.

Fourth, fix a double layer of chicken wire where the seat used to be, in a bowl shape. A heavy duty staple gun is ideal for this job.

Fifth, line the chicken wire with a good layer of pre soaked sphagnum moss as this will be needed to stop the soil falling through the wire.

When you have a good layer of moss in place, sit a plant pot saucer or small shallow dish on top of it, just to retain a little of the water and stop it dripping through quite so much. Then fill your moss lined chicken wire with soil or compost and add your plants.

If you DON’T have a chair with a push out seat, there are a few more steps, but you can still make a chair planter.

Get an old chair to use. Take the seat off and use as a pattern to cut one out of hard wood like oak or pine – not plywood! – to withstand the weather.

Before planting flowers in the pot, turn it upside down and center in the middle of the new cut out seat. Draw around the pot. Now draw another line about 1/2 inches inside that hole. This will be your cutting line. If you use the first one your pot will fall through. It needs to be a bit smaller then the top of the pot. A roto zip tool or jig saw works nice.

Clean the chair with a wet rag and allow to dry.

Paint the chair frame with your favorite MudPaint color with a brush.

Allow to dry.

Finally, take a moment to apply our matte finish clear coat to protect the chair from the elements.

Screw the seat on after it dries. Insert your flower pot into the seat and you are all set!

Flowers sitting on a chair painted with blue green clay furniture paint

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