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How to Mix MudPaint Colors

mix mudpaint colors

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

At MudPaint, we are often asked how to mix paint.  Often times our customers are looking for just a slightly darker, or slightly lighter version of their favorite color of MudPaint.  We have decided to put together this small graphic + Video to help folks measure and get their favorite colors of MudPaint. Mixing MudPaint helps in distressing, helps in aging and ensuring you get that perfect shade you are trying to match!

Mixing Catalina and Jade MudPaint!

We have 35 colors now on rotation — with these options below, your choices can be nearly endless!

Mixing paint colors is easier than you think with MudPaint!

To make a lighter color -Mix any color 50/50 with China White, Manor White, or Simply White.

To slightly darken a color – Mix any color 50/50 with Charcoal.

For a deep red – Mix Pomegranate and Charcoal together.

To lessen a color’s intensity – Mix Smoke or Faded Gray to any color.

For a plum color – Mix Burgundy Wine and Catalina.

For a light purple – Mix Blush and Suede Blue or Newport.

For a rose color – Mix Aged Red and Manor White.

For a light pink – Mix Blush and Manor White.

For a bright pink – Mix Burgundy Wine or Pomegranate and Manor White.

For a light yellow – Mix Butternut and Manor White.

Mixing colors in different amounts will produce a number of color variations.  When mixing custom paint colors, practice in a small container first to see the effect. Go slowly at first and be sure to measure as well as you can.   Don’t forget to stir the mixture well and you are all set to go!