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Painted Kitchen Cabinet Testimonial

kitchen cabinets painted with mudpaint creamy white clay furniture paint

Are you ready to tackle those kitchen cabinets? Tired of staring at those tired, beleaguered, worn, outdated kitchen cabinets? With the uncertain economy upon us, so many MudPaint customers are turning to inexpensive kitchen cabinet projects as a way to spruce things up.

Before finding MudPaint, so many customers often ask us “Which furniture paint is best?” or even “Why use furniture paint?” and even questions like “Can I use furniture paint for walls and other applications?” As the premier clay-based furniture paint, we were so pleased to get the following picture and testimonial from a happy MudPaint customers in Colorado recently and we hope it helps answer that question of “What furniture paint to use on my kitchen cabinets!”

“My wife and I used MudPaint to paint our new kitchen cabinets. We used the manor white and the matte clear coat both inside and outside the cabinets. We have been so happy with the results! The paint has held up to cleaning and looks amazing! Painting with MudPaint was easy and the cabinets only needed one coat of the manor white to provide complete coverage. We will definitely be using MudPaint for our future furniture and cabinet projects!”     Jonathan and Courtney, Denver, CO

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover in MudPaint’s Manor White and Clear Coat

What is so great about this review is that it encapulates so much of what we hear all the time from our customers — one coat coverage, great adhesion, unbelievable durability and thick, sturdy, washable matte finish.

Thanks Jonathan and Courtney! We love that you love your new kitchen cabinets – and honored to be part of your inexpensive remodel!


About Kara

MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint is eco-friendly, LEED-compliant and it's unique, clay-based formula with natural earthen materials requires little prep work and no waxing for a smooth coat.