MudPaint vs. Chalk Paint

Over the last five years, thousands of MudPaint customers have come to love our clay-based furniture paint over any other type of furniture paint on the market. There are a handful of other types of furniture paints available to consumers. For this blog post, we want to highlight some key distinctions our customers find between MudPaint vs. Chalk Paint. We’ll discuss both types of paint and their four main differentiators: prep work, application, finishing, and durability.


First, prep work for your furniture painting projects is dramatically minimized with MudPaint compared to other types of furniture paint.  It is a far thicker, richer, and creamier paint than chalk paint. Because of its viscosity, it will apply much smoother than other paints.  We recommend that most furniture surfaces be thoroughly cleaned and lightly sanded before beginning.

Generally, a coat of primer is not needed when you paint wood furniture with MudPaint.  However if the surface is slick, shiny or smooth, you may want to prime the surface. If you do need to prime, MudPaint is compatible with water based primers, cover stain and KILZ. We do not recommend BIN Shellac Primer with MudPaint.   Check out this great video of a MudPaint retailer applying MudPaint over a high-gloss piece of furniture:  

Again, not EVERY project will only require one coat of paint, but MudPaint stands above the competition when it comes to the amount – and frequency – of the prep work required.

mudpaint turquoise furniture paint color


Secondly, in application, MudPaint’s smooth finish is distinct from chalk paint as it does not have any chalky or gritty elements in it.  The texture of MudPaint is smooth and soft with a matte finish. MudPaint may be applied with brushes, rollers or paint sprayers.

For best results, we recommend using a natural bristle paint brushes.  Use shorter strokes to apply the paint. With MudPaint, always think ‘less is more’!  MudPaint does not require a finishing top coat in order to seal or protect the paint and our customers find that the paint dries quickly with a smooth, velvety matte finish.


Next, we’ll compare finish and drying times.

If the piece is in a higher traffic area and will receive daily wear and tear,  we do recommend that our Matte Protective Clear Coat is used. MudPaint can be finished with wax – especially if a sheen/polish is desired.

As it is thicker and creamier, you will immediately get a smoother finish than chalk paint. This also leads to far fewer brush marks in the paint.  Also, many of our customers find that MudPaint’s coverage far exceeds the competition. A quart of MudPaint will generally cover about 150 square feet, or 3-4 distinct furniture pieces.    MudPaint has been created with clay and earthen materials; this gives the paint exceptional adhesion.

vintage painted table- jade
mudpaint furniture paint midcentury dresser


Finally, we’ll compare lifetime durability of our clay-based paint to leading chalk paints. We have customers who have applied MudPaint to wrought iron outdoor furniture.  Three hot Texas summers later and those chairs are still without crack, wear or tear! To ensure that your outdoor furniture painting projects hold up to the elements, we recommend finishing with a coat of clear coat.

Of course, there are other differences you will find, but we hope that this quick overview of the key distinctions is helpful. Please feel free to use our new live chat feature with any questions you might have.  MudPaint is growing quickly and can now be purchased at over 180+ retailers around the world. Shop your local retailer or online today!


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