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Painted Tablecloth or Table Runner with MudPaint

MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint

If you’re entertaining, having a pretty tabletop might be on the top of your mind.  A fun and unique way to dress your table is to make your own tablecloth – no sewing required!

All you need is MudPaint, paper and a brush.

For this Christmas-color inspired tablecloth, we used Pomegranate, Forest Green and Seaside.  We watered down the paints because we wanted it to have more of a watercolor feel as we painted on the colors.

We cut the paper to the size of the table and got to work! Either butcher paper or kraft paper works great for this.

For this painted tablecloth, we decided to riff on a plaid pattern.  So, we alternated the colors and painted stripes in one direction.  Then, we alternated the colors and painted the stripes in the other direction.

You can get as creative with the tablecloth or table runner and it’s patterns as you like!  Florals, stripes, geometric, circles – the options are endless and you can tailor them to your style and interior space.

The best thing about these painted paper tablecloths is that the clean up is a breeze.  After the meal is done, all you need to do is roll it up and put it in the trash – no laundry!

You can also use this same idea for a table runner.  Here, we used China White and watered it down for a thinner consistency.  We used brown kraft paper and got started!

We went with some cross hatching and paint splatters for our Thanksgiving table setting.

Have fun with it and make it your own!  And, thank yourself at the end of the meal when all you have to do is clear the dishes and then throw away your painted tablecloth or runner.  You’re welcome.