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Clay Painting Outdoor Furniture – Summer Edition

painting outdoor furniture
Re-purposed, plastic Adirondack chair painted in MudPaint’s Just Black

Warm weather is finally here and it’s time to get outside and breathe in some fresh air!  One of the things we all like to do is prep our outdoor spaces to maximize the space we have.  It doesn’t matter if the space is a patio, porch, or backyard – it should be inviting and welcoming!

But, who can buy new furniture every season?!  If you have old, tired lawn chairs or patio furniture that could use some sprucing up – use MudPaint!  Yep, you can use MudPaint on plastic, metal, tile, wood – nearly every surface!   MudPaint is eco-friendly, LEED-compliant and it’s unique, clay-based formula with natural earthen materials requires little prep work and no waxing for a smooth coat.

We put together a short and sweet little video (see our Instagram page below) that shows how easy it is to get started painting outdoor furniture – in this case, a plastic Adirondack chair.  The first step is to prep the piece. Clean the furniture – no dirt, grime, cobwebs, etc. Next, begin painting!  Apply the paint in thin coats. When paint is applied too thick, it can cause the paint to crack when drying. If two coats of paint is needed, apply the second coat after the first coat of paint is completely dry.

Once painted, you’re all set!  You may choose to use our Matte Protective Clear Coat, but it is not necessary. MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint is UV resistant making it perfect to use on outdoor furniture.  So, get ready to enjoy the outdoor season with your newly painted outdoor furniture!