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Painting Walls with MudPaint Clay Paint

Painting walls with MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint Burgundy Wine

We are often asked here at MudPaint Studios if it’s possible to paint walls with MudPaint.  The short answer is “Yes”!  We’ve had loads of customers paint walls and even ceilings and have some great testimonials on their experience.  Clean and well-maintained walls and windows – with a fresh application of MudPaint! –  can add loads of aesthetic and financial value to your home.  MudPaint IS a unique paint, however, so there are two suggestions we have for folks.  Read ahead  – and watch this video – for more!

First, MudPaint is thicker, richer and creamier than just about any other paint out there – so, it’s important to go slowly – a little goes along way!  Also, it may be advisable to slightly thin out the MudPaint with just a touch of water.  But, again, go slowly!  Particularly if applying paint to walls in a colder climate, it may help to slowly thin out the colors with just a touch of tap water – applying 5% or so at each time.  Try to never add more than 10% of the overall mixture of water.

Secondly, as a reminder, we’ve designed MudPaint to finish with that truly Matte finish.  So, just as in our other applications, it will end with a matte – not eggshell, and certainly not glossy! – finish.  This is just what some customers are after!  Or, if looking for a slightly more polished finish, we’ve had customers apply two coats of our Clear Coat to give it JUST a touch of shine and sheen.

Painting walls with MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint Burgundy Wine

“This is vintage “grass paper” that I recently used MudPaint Burgundy Wine on. It’s lovely how it covered up 200 years of bad choices in paint and color. 🙂 It’s a historical home, here is the library. I did the whole thing with a one inch MudPaint brush… Oh ya … and less than 2 quarts of MudPaint!” – Robin Burpee, Mendon, MI

Finally, we are also often asked if you can use MudPaint with a roller or even a sprayer.  Again, here, the answer is “Yes”!   While this application was completed with just one of our Natural Bristle Brushes, we have had some great success with customers again thinning the paint with just 5% or so of water to the MudPaint.


Painting walls with MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint Burgundy Wine


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MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint is eco-friendly, LEED-compliant and it's unique, clay-based formula with natural earthen materials requires little prep work and no waxing for a smooth coat.

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