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MudPaint Natural Bristle Wax Brush


Meet our natural bristle wax brush! Just as picky on all our brushes as we are in our paint, we at MudPaint scoured the globe for the finest tools we could find. A tough and sturdy brush is one of the best investments in your painting project that you can make.  You can use – and re-use! – these for many years when properly cared for. Our brushes are sourced from a small-batch, 100+ year, 5th-generation family-run shop located in the rolling hills of small town Wales, United Kingdom, and it is our pleasure to EXCLUSIVELY provide these products to our MudPaint customers.

Our wax brush’s main feature that has customers raving is that it has sturdier, stouter and stiffer bristles than our natural bristle paint brushes used to apply MudPaint.  These slightly stiffer bristles make it just perfect for applying our world famous wax.  (Check out this post on how to properly clean this to last for many years!)

MudPaint natural bristle brushes comes from ox ear hair that is sustainably produced from farm raised oxen in Wales.  We have avoided the other brush lines that use hog hair from hogs raised in China as we are less certain about the sustainability and treatment of these animals.