MudPaint vs Chalk Paint

12 Jan: MudPaint vs. Chalk Paint

Over the last five years, thousands of MudPaint customers have come to love our clay-based furniture paint over any other type of furniture paint on the market. There are a handful of other types of furniture paints available to consumers. For this blog post, we want to highlight some key distinctions our customers find between MudPaint vs. Chalk Paint. We’ll discuss both types of paint and their four main differentiators: prep work, application, finishing, and durability.
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30 Dec: How to paint with MudPaint — Video Tutorial

Ever wonder “How to paint that piece of furniture?”, or, even more frequently, we get asked, “How do I paint furniture without sanding?”  If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what video can do! Check out this great overview tutorial from one of our MudPaint retailers in Texas who helps you apply MudPaint furniture paint – the only clay-based furniture paint on the market!

mudpaint furniture paint white desk

01 Jun: Makeover a Desk with MudPaint

We spend so much time working that it is especially important to style the work space to allow for a free flow of creativity.  Sometimes we get so caught up with remodeling family rooms and bedrooms that we forget about the office whether it be at home or at work!  An office update does not have to take long.  You can simply paint a desk and transform the whole room using the only clay-based furniture paint available – MudPaint!  It’s amazing what a painted desk will do for your energy and there are so many MudPaint colors that one of them is sure to please anybody.   Painted desks are gorgeous!  Sitting at a painted desk is great to look at and definitely helps to elevate productivity.  Turn an outdated desk into a masterpiece with MudPaint.