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Using MudPaint’s Metallic Wax on Your Projects

How to paint Candlesticks with MudPaint Metallic Wax

When looking to elevate a piece of furniture or painting project, consider using one of our metallic waxes.  We carry metallic waxes in both gold and silver that both add a shimmery flair!  Typically, metallic waxes are used as a decorative addition on detail work or on the edges of a piece of furniture.  

Blue candlestick with metallic silver wax.

If you haven’t worked with metallic waxes before, it may seem daunting or too advanced.  But, that is not the case!  Follow along to see how we upcycled some vintage, thrifted candlesticks with our paint and some silver metallic wax.

Thrifted candlesticks.

After giving the candlesticks a thorough cleaning and wipe down, we painted them in CatalinaCatalina is a beautiful, bold, royal blue shade.  We painted the candlesticks with two coats of Catalina for a solid matte finish.  After the paint was completely dry and cured (about 2 hours for curing before the next step), we began adding the silver metallic wax.  We opted for the silver to pair with the Catalina, but gold would look just as nice!  

Metallic silver wax.

To apply the wax you can use your finger, a cotton swab or a small brush.  It is a decorative wax and a little of it goes a long way.  We used an artist brush from a previous project and it worked perfectly for our candlesticks.  Taking a small bit of wax on the brush tip, apply it to the area of the piece where you’d like some shimmer.  For the candlesticks, we opted to add some shimmer to the decorative/detailed sections.  

Applying metallic silver wax with an artist brush to the details of a piece.

Once you’ve applied the wax to the area, let it set for 2-5 minutes before rubbing it off with a paper towel or an old rag.  This is the step where you buff and shine the metallic wax for a beautiful, shimmery finish!

Buffed and shined, shimmery metallic wax.

By paying attention to the details of the candlestick and highlighting the decorative elements with silver wax, we were able to give the candlesticks an entirely different look than the dated and sad thrifted candlesticks we came home with.  

Candlestick painted in Catalina blue with highlighted details.

If you’re interested in adding some shimmer to your pieces, think about using our gold or silver metallic waxes!


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