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Vintage Tray Makeover with MudPaint Clay Paint

mudpaint furniture paint white tray

Vintage tray makeovers are a fun item to transform with MudPaint. Vintage trays are everywhere, and if you don’t have a tray that needs updated, you can find them cheap at thrift stores and garage sales.  This one by Evergreen and Dandelions turned out gorgeous.  Painting a tray the style of your decor is quick and easy.  A vintage tray can be used for about anything and with a little paint will fit right in.  Whether you use your tray makeover for serving or you add one to your bathroom to hold hair brushes or makeup, trays can be used in any room.  Follow these steps to get your own tray makeover made complete in one of MudPaint’s colors -MudPaint is eco-friendly, LEED-compliant and it’s unique, clay-based formula with natural earthen materials requires little prep work and no waxing for a smooth coat.

First  – it’s always important to prep your vintage tray by cleaning it with a damp rag. Allow to dry. This is especially critical if you find that wonderful old vintage tray from the dustbin of a thrift shop.  Who knows how long it’s been sitting there!

Secondly —  If there is existing paint and it’s chipping, lightly sand to smooth the surface. Sometimes you are even able just to scrape away the paint if it’s quite old and cracked.

Third –  After removing the old paint, dust with a clean rag.  You want to be sure that MudPaint can adhere directly to the surface and that there isn’t any extra dust or dirt getting in the way.

Fourth – For the next step, apply MudPaint Clay Paint in your favorite color with a brush. Nice, short brush strokes are best!

Fifth –  Next, allow to dry. MudPaint Clay Furniture Paint dries fairly quickly, but this can vary greatly based on your area and humidity.  Be sure to wait until it is past the “tacky” stage and it is nice and solid.

Sixth –   Next, If you want a distressed look, sand lightly over edges and details.

That’s it!  Now your vintage tray is restored, brought to new life and ready to make a new appearance in the world.